Make your app a reality for less than you think

mobileosfeat-logohead-600Mobile apps are big business. Users spent over $10 billion in 2013 alone on purchasing apps from the Apple AppStore. Getting your app designed, built, tested and launched is often an expensive and painful experience, particularly if you want to launch on multiple platforms.

You can no longer simply launch on iOS and expect to be a success. In terms of phones sold by operating systems in 2013 Apple accounted for only 15% worldwide compared to Android on 78% and Windows phone on almost 8%. What this means is you cannot afford to ignore other operating systems.

Cross platform development

cordova-phonegap-buildThe answer is cross platform development. We can build apps for all the major mobile operating systems using the core languages of the web, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These apps can tap into things like accelerometer, camera and GPS functionality to make your app an immersive experience.

The types of app that can be built using this technology is limited only by your creativity, but apps that are currently available in the Apple AppStore developed using PhoneGap (not necessarily by us) are:

Quick, Cost Effective Development – Fast Deployment

Using PhoneGap as your development platform allows you to move quickly when you have decided on your app idea. This means you can be first to market, and as costs are lower you have the opportunity to test new markets without the massive overhead of fully native app development.

When the BBC used PhoneGap to build a Russian language version of its news app they chose PhoneGap again, their reasons were:

“Building an app for all the World Services’s 27 languages on every platform would be hugely expensive. So, we hope we have an innovative solution to this, by using a system called PhoneGap, which allows you to develop apps for a number of operating systems from a single codebase. This should allow us to roll out not only the app code to more of our languages, but also the Russian app to other operating systems such as Android.”

BBC World Service App in Russian

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