When I first started at Tailored Internet Marketing the world of SEO was completely new to me. Before I even had the interview I wasn’t really aware of the sector I was going into so really I was in the dark. Here is what I have learned during my first 4 months working here.


As I mentioned above, SEO was completely new to me. But as I did different things such as listening to Dan and reading other blog posts on the Internet I started to understand what SEO is and how there are many ways of going about it. It has really opened my eyes into how Google works and how many different companies compete online for those high ranking spots. As the higher ranking you are, the more popular you are going to be.

Link building

Link building again is something I have never heard of and at first I didn’t see the point or benefit of doing it. Once I started finding blogs to write on it became apparent how useful it is to other sites and blogs because people were not getting back to me (due to the high volume of requests). As I adapted my approach (through advice and research) I started to get somewhere. I finally managed to guest post on some blogs and the amount of replies and published articles are increasing.


Using Magento seemed daunting to me at first, with so many products to add to a website it looked like it would take a while to finish. But as I got used to how everything worked on the software I became more comfortable and confident that I was using the software correctly. So if I was asked to do this all over again, it wouldn’t seem as daunting as it once appeared.


I had heard what both of these are, but wasn’t sure how to do it. I have learned some basic skills regarding HTML but am nowhere near as confident at using it. At the moment I am starting to learn more and more skills and given time I should be able to make simple webpages. But I never would have tried to understand HTML and CSS if I wasn’t doing this apprenticeship.

I am looking forward to learning even more skills and becoming more comfortable with certain types of software in the near future. I also hope to increase my knowledge of SEO as it appears to be a challenging but worthwhile career path.

About the author Daniel Taylor

Dan Taylor is the founder and owner of Tailored Internet marketing. With more than 5 years in SEO Dan has worked with and for brands such as MoneySupermarket, JJB Sports, ManUtd.com and others. Dan is a father of two, and avid Everton FC fan.

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