SSL Implementation

HTTPS is now a Google Ranking Signal Now that HTTPS is a ranking signal (as declared by Google today) it’s probably time to start planning to implement SSL on your website. Google have handily given us some hints as to what type of implementation they prefer: Decide the kind of certificate you need: single, multi-domain, […]

Posted on Thursday 7th of August 2014 by Daniel Taylor in SEO Advice

The Tailored future for internet marketing post-Hummingbird

What do you think of my new website? I’ve put a lot of thought into the redesign. I could have launched something really wild, a cascading responsive HTML5 number that sucked you into your tablet and spat you out of your mobile phone. But that would have belied my intentions for Tailored Internet Marketing. We’re […]

Posted on Tuesday 5th of November 2013 by Daniel Taylor in SEO Advice

How To: Reputation Management

… or What To Do When The Sh*t Hits The Fan An un-named client approached us recently to put together a reputation management strategy for moving a listing off page one for their brand name. The client is a European, if not World wide brand in their niche so does get a fair amount of traffic on their […]

Posted on Wednesday 29th of May 2013 by Daniel Taylor in SEO Advice

The game hasn’t changed, just the tactics

2012 has seen significant changes from Google to their search engine’s algorithm, leading to the predictable chorus of blogs stating that SEO is dead/dying, however if we look at the Wikipedia definition of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page […]

Posted on Wednesday 25th of April 2012 by Daniel Taylor in SEO Advice

How To: International SEO

Most businesses reside and operate in a single country, and optimisation for that country is (reasonably) straightforward.What happens though when you operate in more than one country? How do you optimise your website for these areas? Is content an issue, domains? Below I hope to give some guidance on both my experience and the experience […]

Posted on Wednesday 27th of October 2010 by Daniel Taylor in SEO Advice

Outgoing Links on Your Website

Recently someone posted a question on SEO Moz Q&A section regarding outgoing links from their website. The question went like this:

Posted on Tuesday 10th of August 2010 by Daniel Taylor in SEO Advice

Block Local Google Analytics Page Views

When working on a website, either for web development or SEO work it involves visiting the site you are working on and this causes incorrect data in Google Analytics. So how can we rectify this situation?

5 Simple Ways To Boost Your SEO Campaign

Has your SEO Campaign reached a natural plateau? Follow the simple tips below and you will be back on track, pushing on up the rankings in no time at all!

Posted on Monday 2nd of August 2010 by Daniel Taylor in SEO Advice

The Importance of Domains in SEO

Domain names have always been sought after since the dawn of the Internet and it is a sad fact that many of the best domains are occupied by domain squatters who have had them in their portfolios for many years just waiting for the right bid to come along. But is paying over the odds […]

Posted on Monday 19th of July 2010 by Daniel Taylor in SEO Advice

Getting Your SEO Strategy Perfect is Key

When you decide to undertake an SEO project it is important to understand that SEO isn’t a short term affair. Results will not come immediately. The key to success in your campaign is persistence, and a belief that your well thought out and planned strategy will provide the return on investment that is necessary. When […]

Posted on Wednesday 26th of May 2010 by Daniel Taylor in SEO Advice