How To Move a WordPress Site From One Server To Another

Quick and easy guide to moving your website This week we have released a video that explains how to move your WordPress website from one server to another, as well as updating the URL (Web Address) of your website. Give it a watch below.

Posted on Monday 12th of October 2015 by Daniel Taylor in Videos

SSL Implementation

HTTPS is now a Google Ranking Signal Now that HTTPS is a ranking signal (as declared by Google today) it’s probably time to start planning to implement SSL on your website. Google have handily given us some hints as to what type of implementation they prefer: Decide the kind of certificate you need: single, multi-domain, […]

Posted on Thursday 7th of August 2014 by Daniel Taylor in SEO Advice

FIFA Lounge Mode

Tailored Internet Marketing Launch ‘Lounge Mode’ iOS App Over the past few days we have received approval from Apple on our latest product launch. We have built a Free iOS app that replaces the long lost Lounge Mode section of the popular FIFA soccer console game. So what was Lounge Mode? Lounge mode gave people […]

Create Your First WordPress Theme

From blank page to launch, how to develop a WordPress theme If you can code a simple HTML webpage then with a few extra lines of code you can create a powerful content managed WordPress website. Index Page 1 – Getting started Page 2 – Splitting up the page Page 3 – header.php, footer.php, index.php […]

Posted on Wednesday 4th of June 2014 by Daniel Taylor in How To

What I have learnt during my first 4 months

When I first started at Tailored Internet Marketing the world of SEO was completely new to me. Before I even had the interview I wasn’t really aware of the sector I was going into so really I was in the dark. Here is what I have learned during my first 4 months working here. SEO […]

Christmas 2013 Opening Hours

Just a quick notice to all customers and partners to alert you to our Christmas and New Year 2013 opening hours. Date Information Friday 20th December 2013 Open 9am – 5pm Monday 23rd December 2013 Urgent Enquiries Only to Tuesday 24th December 2013 Urgent Enquiries Only to Weds 25th December 2013 Closed Thursday […]

How to Move Email From One Server to Another

The percevied difficulty of moving email from one server to another can put people off moving from a shared server to something more suitable such as a VPS or Dedicated Server. Here we run you through the simple steps required to quickly, simply and safely move email from one server to another using Mozilla Thunderbird.

The Tailored future for internet marketing post-Hummingbird

What do you think of my new website? I’ve put a lot of thought into the redesign. I could have launched something really wild, a cascading responsive HTML5 number that sucked you into your tablet and spat you out of your mobile phone. But that would have belied my intentions for Tailored Internet Marketing. We’re […]

Posted on Tuesday 5th of November 2013 by Daniel Taylor in SEO Advice