There are many ways to check where a website ranks in all of the major search engines.

You can:

  • Manually check all of your rankings and plot them in a spreadsheet – however for checking sites with more than a few keywords this can become tedious very quickly.
  • Use RankChecker – a Firefox addon, however the results from this tool always tend to be a little off.
  • Use a purpose built piece of rank checking software.

At Tailored Internet Marketing over the years we have used all of the above, but now due to volume we solely rely on the final option – and our software of choice? Advanced Web Ranking all-in-one SEO software. Available for Windows, Mac OS X and even Linux this robust rank checking software is best in class, so why is it so great?

Best in class features

Integrate Google Analytics

You can plug in your Google Analytics data straight into the key reports that are produced. This allows you to corroborate and traffic increases with ranking increases.

Geo-Targeting Search Engines

You have websites that operate in different countries? That is not an issue for Advanced Web Ranking. Within each project you can quicky and easily set which search engines you want the software to check.

Keyword Rank Graphs

No more looking at numbers, tables or trying to piece together your own charts. AWR does all of the hard work for you – you can even add competitors websites in to the mix.

Google Universal Search

Do you want to see if you are ranking in the universal search results for a particular keyword – Advanced Web Ranker does this as standard, and you can also create reports that splits rankings across normal search, image search, video search, news search and also shopping results..

SEOMoz Data Included

Analyse your own or your competitors link profile using AWRs SEOMoz integration. You can dig deep and identify new link prospects right form your dashboard.


Advanced Web Ranking produces beautiful reports detailing everything from keyword rankings, traffic and links. These reports give you a brilliant graphical overview of the current performance of your website at any given time.

And much much more

Not only does Advanced Web Ranking have best in class features but the team are constantly monitoring the search engines, and any changes they may be making to their search results page code. Meaning that if Google changes the way they display their results you can be sure that the support team at Advanced Web Ranking are on the case and will have an update out in double quick time.

Website Optimisation Report

Not all users of Advanced Web Ranking are SEO agencies, businesses small and large also use it in their in house teams. These teams can also use the website optimisation report that generates a checklist of potential issues that AWR may have come across. Now a computer generated report is now replacement for a trained SEO to review a website but for some of the quicker on page recommendations can provide a really good sense check.


As an SEO agency we find AWR invaluable in the time it saves us in manually checking all of our clients rankings and the new features such as adding links and traffic into the mix means it can generate some really useful and insightful reports. As a small business/website owner we would also recommend the purchase as it can give you a snapshot of your sites performance at any time.

About the author Daniel Taylor

Dan Taylor is the founder and owner of Tailored Internet marketing. With more than 5 years in SEO Dan has worked with and for brands such as MoneySupermarket, JJB Sports, and others. Dan is a father of two, and avid Everton FC fan.

One response to “Advanced Web Ranking – Review”

  1. Dan Letermann says:

    Thanks for the review, Dan. BTW, how do you compare AWR to SEO Powersuite. I just bought Powersuite, and I think it’s a bit better – especially when it comes to rank checking accuracy (needless to say AWR sometimes just makes random guess of your rankings when they get stuck in getting them – like when Google blocks’em or anything like that)