You may remember that we reviewed Advanced Web Ranking around the same time last year, when we found that the platform offered best in class rank checking. Since that review quite a few web ranking tools have dropped by the wayside  which just strengthens AWR’s hold on the market.

In my opinion AWR 9.3 was just about the best, and most accurate rank checker (when paired with proxy servers) so what does the new version add (if anything)?

The Official Line

  • Added Ranking Alerts
  • Added Top Sites Browser view
  • Added Traffic Share and Average Rank metrics
  • Added ability to import search engine locations for Google Local/Maps
  • Added ability to import keywords with categories from CSV

Our Most Used Features

Ranking Alerts

When you are tracking multiple projects it can become very easy to just skim read ranking reports and not notice important information. Ranking alerts take this danger away.  Alerts can be set up with separate emails for each project. There are 6 options for ranking alerts:

  • Visibility up 10%
  • Visibility down 10%
  • Ranking up 5 positions
  • Ranking down 5 positions
  • Ranking into top 10
  • Ranking out of top 10


The visibility option alert you when your search engine visibility across all tracked keywords of a project drop or increase by 10%. This can be useful to spot the effects of search engine updates on your website as a whole, rather than on a keyword level. Algorithm updates such as Panda take wide swipe at a websites rankings rather than page level penalties.

Ranking Positions

This alert does what it says on the tin. When a keyword moves by at least 5 positions in either direction you will receive an alert. Whilst this alert is still useful, it is probably the least useful of the three (especially for sites that have no rankings to begin with).

Top 10 Ranking

The most useful keyword level report. There are two scenarios when this might be important; at the start of a project where your primary target is first page and also when a project is mature and all keywords are in the top 10 positions and you need to maintain that.

Top Sites Browser View

Advanced Web Ranking now caches the first page of search engine results pages for each keyword showing exactly where your site ranked and how it appeared. This is useful for identifying opportunities with universal search or title and description updates that could result in higher click through rates for your site.

Average Rank Metric

Another interesting feature is the ability to group sets of keywords. So for example if you had an e-commerce clothing site you may have a set of keywords like:

  • Boys clothes
  • Boys shirts
  • Boys jeans
  • Boys t-shirts
  • Boys nightwear
  • Boys underwear

You could categorise these at just ‘Boys Clothing’ and see the average rank of keywords within that category. This gives you a better opportunity to have a top level view of how each category of your website is performing without digging down to too a granular a level.

Traffic Share

Another metric that I always ended up creating in Excel was traffic share. My calculations tend to take into account average CTR’s but AWR here use a more crude Traffic/Google Keyword Tool. Which for identifying low hanging fruit is just fine.

You can sort your table by positions to view better positions top and then by traffic share to see where share of traffic is low. Then you can dig deeper by looking at the search results page for that ranking (by double clicking the position). Here you can see of there was any universal search on the page or if your titles and descriptions might need adjusting for better click through rates.


These are the only new features we have had change to integrate into our periodic reports so far but I will be sure to update this post when we have been able to fully explore Advanced Web Ranking’s new features.

About the author Daniel Taylor

Dan Taylor is the founder and owner of Tailored Internet marketing. With more than 5 years in SEO Dan has worked with and for brands such as MoneySupermarket, JJB Sports, and others. Dan is a father of two, and avid Everton FC fan.

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