Following on from my post yesterday regarding adding the twitter button to your WordPress blog I have written a simple plugin that does the job for you, in 1 click!

To use the plugin, simply:

  • Download it
  • Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload
  • Activate
  • Enjoy

Note: There are no options at the moment, the plugin adds the big count at the top left and a smaller one at the bottom (smaller only on posts and pages).

This plugin is provided without warranty, but if you do find any issues please comment on the New Twitter Button Plugin page and I will make the changes necessary.


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About the author Daniel Taylor

Dan Taylor is the founder and owner of Tailored Internet marketing. With more than 5 years in SEO Dan has worked with and for brands such as MoneySupermarket, JJB Sports, and others. Dan is a father of two, and avid Everton FC fan.

13 responses to “Add Twitter Button To Your WordPress Blog – Plugin”

  1. Otto says:

    Neat. You might also want to look at my own plugin, Simple Twitter Connect. It is more comprehensive and thus slightly more complex than something simple like this, but it might have some features you’d be interested in.

  2. […] New Twitter Button von Dan Taylor unterstützt als eines der ersten WordPress Plugins den neuen offiziellen […]

  3. […] New Twitter Button von Dan Taylor unterstützt als eines der ersten WordPress Plugins den neuen offiziellen […]

  4. Sara Paxton says:

    is there a way to customize which pages/posts it appears on?

  5. […] This plugin adds the all new button to your website. It will add the large button with count at the top of your posts and the small button with count at the bottom. <Download> […]

  6. Great plugin, I use it on two of my blogs. Thanks a bunch!

  7. I like this plugin but it needs a little work. First of all when you go from a vertical button before the article to none, it does not remove the button. I had to disable the plugin to remove the buttons. Second, you should give the option to place the button on pages and/or posts even choose categories. For instance I would like the button to appear only on posts of the category “news.” I look forward to your updates.

    • Dan Taylor says:

      I agree that the plugin needs work, I have features such as what you said planned.

      Re: the none option – The dropdowns are for the retweet count box, not the whole button itself as defined on the Twitter website.

      I will make changes to clarify today. Thanks for your comments.

  8. Tyler says:

    Works great. Thanks for the plugin!

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